Too young for Diabetes Type 2?

It’s difficult to be exact, say researchers, because of the many other factors of health and lifestyle that may contribute to the onset and the diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2. But on one thing they’d agree:

Many people have Diabetes Type 2 long before they are “officially” diagnosed.  I know. I went for a routine check-up to my doctor’s  and it was discovered.  Loads of people are the same.

Research done in the United States indicates that the average age at which people get diagnosed as diabetic has remained roughly the same from 1997 to  2011 at 54 years old. But the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommend annual diabetes screening tests after the age of 45.

Diabetes was once considered to be something that affected the middle-aged, now Type 2 is increasing around the world, even among children and adolescents. According to “Medical News Today”, it’s estimated  that in America, 12 out of every 100,000 young people under 20 are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, at an average age of 14.