diabetic saladWelcome to How to Defeat Diabetes Type 2. I did it, reversed my diabetes. For me the starting point was losing weight. People have many reasons for wanting to lose weight – from getting ready for a beach holiday, pleasing their partner or tackling a major health issue. I was considerably overweight and I had developed Diabetes type 2, and that was my motivation for seriously tackling my weight.

Now I am no longer diabetic and I’ve lost over 50 pounds (that’s nearly a third of my original weight). And I did it by using the 5 basic methods spelt out in this course. Five Essential recipes, I’ve called them. They are plant-based and pretty much using the food as Nature intended  – essentially raw.

And that’s what I’d like to share with you. What I’m eating, how I put it together and anything interesting  that happens along the way.