D2 or not D2…

…that was the question.  Yes, I had D2 (Diabetes Type 2) and now I don’t . My blood-sugar level readings have been consistently within the normal range and that makes me NOT diabetic.

D2 might just be a Scrabble tile to you, but that letter and that number held great fear for me before I got it under control. While the condition was out of control, my life was ruled by all kinds of Letters and numbers.  BMI (Body Mass Index ). Mine used to be 31 (which ranks as “obese”). My blood monitor readings would regularly hit 20 or more (dangerous!). My HbA1c was shocking. And I don’t want to remember the numbers that looked back at me accusingly when I stepped on my bathroom scales.

In fact, my life looked like a bad hand of Scrabble.

But when I reversed the Diabetes type 2, all the figures (including my own) looked gratifying different.

I was told that not everyone manages that turn around, and that I should share how I did it, So that’s what I’ve done.  besides this website, there are videos, recipes and other stuff on


and pictures on



I’m no doctor or nutritionist, and I’m not even that hot at Scrabble, but I am very happy to share what I’ve     discovered about  reversing  Diabetes Type 2.