Crumbs…no good for ducks – or diabetics!

Walking – as I try to every day – by the duck pond near my daughter’s house, I saw two things of note:

  1. A notice saying ‘Please do not feed bread to the ducks” and
  2. People feeding bread to the ducks.

Now, you can understand that the ducks can’t read, so they were busily quacking up the stale split-tin, Mother’s Pride or toaster sliced, gone-hard and relegated to the bag called ‘DUCK BREAD’. It swells up in their stomachs and is no good for them apparently. But they never went to school or learn how to read or heard about nutrition, so who could blame them?

But the duck feeders ought to know better.

Now that I’ve reversed  diabetes, I have great sympathy for ducks.

My recovery has been largely to do with NOT eating carbohydrates, (as they turn instantly into sugar once consumed and shoot up the blood sugar levels ), and walking regularly around parks and duck ponds as it happens).

I’ve put up the notice, so to speak, to my friends and people I know, asking them not to feed me carbs. But often I’ll hear, “Oh, it’s organic bread, so it must be good for you.” Or, “It’s got poppy seeds on it so it can’t harm you.”

What can you do?

Next time you’ve offered potential harmful sugar-spiking carb-heavy bread… do what I do… just duck…